Dual Stage CO2 Regulator

$149.00 USD $200.00
By MagTool

MagTool dual stage CO2 regulator is your best choice for injecting CO2 to your aquarium

A regulator with two-stage regulates the pressure better and maintains stable CO2 output. This eliminates the sudden CO2 dump (can happen due to low pressure) called end-of-tank-dump (EoTD) catastrophe.

  • Dual stage structure and safety built-in plus adjustable output pressure
  • Expandable manifold blocks with integrated high precision needle valves and bubble counters
  • DC 12V solenoid valve is high Performance and uses less power

Dual stage structure with adjustable output pressure and safety valve

  • Dual stage design, stable output pressure, and eliminates "end of tank dump"
  • Pressure knob is adjustable from 0-65 PSI depends on your needs
  • Dual gauge indicates tank volume and working pressure
  • Safety valve built in. When the pressure is exceeding 100 PSI, the valve will automatically release the pressure

Expandable manifold blocks- each comes with integrated high precision needle valve and bubble counter

  • With easy installation you can add or remove additional blocks as needed
  • High precision integrated needle valve. Flowrate can be adjusted to as low as 0.3bps
  • Bubble counter has check valve built in to prevent water from backflowing into the regulator
  • Fits standard 4/6 mm (3/16" inner diameter) CO2 proof tubing


Made of Copper chrome plated

Instead of aluminum, Much more solid and durable.

New needle valve structure

Innovative needle valve design provides extreme accuracy and safety

DC Solenoid

Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve