Return Pump BLUE-8000

$159.00 USD $180.00
By MagTool


The MagTool DC 6-pole Platinum Blue Variable Frequency pump utilizes sine wave technology for maximum quietness and near-zero vibration thanks to its thick and insulated ABS shell. High performance and compact size. Motor’s 6-pole cores are made of high-quality copper windings to provide powerful flow and head pressure. The pump’s built-in LED fault indicator offers the hints for troubleshooting. The Platinum Blue series DC pumps are low voltage and ultra-energy efficient- only drawing 1/3 of the electricity comparing to other competitors

  • Sine wave technology
  • Super quiet <20dB
  • DC voltage
  • Durable - corrosion resistant
  • High flow rates and no attenuation
  • High performance in small footprint
  • Can be used externally or internally (submersible)
  • Controllable
  • For saltwater and freshwater
  • Suitable for a variety of scenarios with different inlet and outlet options


  • Constant Flow Mode:When the dc Pump is ON, the LCD screen on the controller will enter into the constant flow mode and display between “101” and “120”. To increase or decrease the speed of the pump by pressing “+” or “-” until you reach the required level (maximum flow will be displayed on the LCD screen as 120)
  • Wave Mode(pulse and gyre):Press “M” to enter into wave mode, the number between “201/301” and “220/320” will be displayed on the screen in this wave mode, you can press the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust wave bands. You can get the fastest wave band as the number 201 is displayed. And you can get the maximum wave band when it is 220.
  • Feed Mode: Press the power button the pump will go into feed mode. one press, the indicator shows F-10 means pump pause 10 min, there are 4 range, F-10, F-20, F-30, OFF. The 4th press, the pump will be turned off.


  • l DC 6-pole motor and high-quality copper core provides the pump with big power punches.
  • Sine wave design works smoothly, less vibration. ABS shell reduces noise, super quiet <20dB


  • Can be submersible or external (inline) use.
  • With wear-resistant ceramic shaft is suitable for salt and freshwater aquarium.