AIO Tank Protein Skimmer AIO-70P

$79.00 USD $100.00
By MagTool

Are you struggling to find a protein skimmer that will fit in your compact AIO tank? Look no further than the MagTool AIO-70P!

The MagTool AIO-70P Skimmer has minimal footprint of 2.8''x3.9'', making it the perfect solution for small spaces. Its compact design allows it to fit into almost any small space, and it is compatible with most all-in-one tanks on the market. This skimmer is specifically designed for aquariums up to 30-50 gallons, making it a great choice for those with limited space in their AIO tank.

Needle-Wheel Pump with Pump Controller for Efficient and Safe Protein Skimming

  • The MagTool AIO-70P Skimmer DC-SQ features a modern needle-wheel pump that produces rich foam by mixing air and water. This DC-powered pump utilizes sine wave technology, making it exceptionally quiet and safe, while its fully sealed metal components resist corrosion for long-lasting use in marine environments.
  • The pump controller prevents potential overflowing, which traditional adjustments to outlet size or installation height may not effectively address. For example, during the break-in period, excessive protein in the water may cause overflowing despite these adjustments. In such cases, the pump controller allows you to regulate the pump's power more effectively and prevent overflowing.

Rotatable Body for Water Level Adjustment

By rotating the skimmer body, you can adjust the size of the bottom outlet and therefore regulate the water level, enabling you to achieve the perfect moist or dry foaming for your specific needs.

The Cell-Cast Diffuser: Efficiently Mixing Air and Water for Optimal Skimming

The cell-cast diffuser of our skimmer is specifically designed to create an efficient and effective mixing of air and water. It eliminates random twirling and turbulent flow, allowing for a stable laminar flow inside the skimmer's reaction chamber.

Collection cup with drain pipe

The detachablecollection cup with drian pipe makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Build-in slience

The built-in integrated silencer makes the product work quietly and look more compact.

Adjustabl Hanging Rack up to 10 inch

The wide (7'') adjustable bracket provides users with a large range of adjustment.