AIO Tank Protein Skimmer DC-SQ50

$80.00 USD $85.90
By MagTool

No room in your tank for a quality protein skimmer? MagTool DCSQ series is your go-to!

The MagTool Nano Skimmer DC-SQ has a minimal footprint that allows you to place it in small spaces, at your convenience. A perfect all-in-one nano skimmer up to 30-50 gal. You can even place it in a sump, our pump is powered by a 6W DC with a needle wheel impeller, to maximize energy efficiency. It includes a technology that removes any bubbles generated to help maintain cleaner and clearer saltwater aquariums. It has a hanging mount & rotatable body which allows it to easily adjust to the current water level.

Needle-Wheel Pump with Pump Controller for Efficient and Safe Protein Skimming

  • The MagTool DC-SQ skimmer features a modern needle-wheel pump that produces rich foam by mixing air and water. This DC-powered pump utilizes sine wave technology, making it exceptionally quiet and safe, while its fully sealed metal components resist corrosion for long-lasting use in marine environments.
  • The pump controller prevents potential overflowing, which traditional adjustments to outlet size or installation height may not effectively address. For example, during the break-in period, excessive protein in the water may cause overflowing despite these adjustments. In such cases, the pump controller allows you to regulate the pump's power more effectively and prevent overflowing.

Rotatable Body for Water Level Adjustment

Besides the minimal footprint and the powerful DC needle-wheel pump, the DC-SQ series features a rotatable skimmer body that makes water level adjustment easy. It allows you to adjust it to the desired water level.

Removable collection cup

A removable collection cup makes cleaning easy. Just remove the plug and connect the drain tubing.

Filter sponge

The filter sponge slows the water flow from the skimmer body and prevents microbubbles from getting into the aquarium.

Adjustable bracket

Adjustable mounting bracket make for simple installation and adjustment.