MagTool Pico All-in-One Desktop Mini Acrylic Aquarium with Built-in Sump System & LED Light

$58.99 USD
By MagTool



Introducing the MagTool Pico Aquarium: Your Ideal Desktop Oasis! Looking for a small, compact, all-in-one aquarium to adorn your office, nightstand, or any space? Your search ends here. Have you ever wondered why the water in your desktop fish tank often becomes cloudy and hazy, leading to the unfortunate demise of your fish? Have you ever  dreamt of having a mini thriving desktop aquarium with vibrant plants, robust fish, or even a tiny ocean teeming with colorful corals. MagTool's desktop aquarium system, complete with its advanced Filtration and Lighting System, can transform your dream into a reality.

Desktop Tank

Product Specifications

Volume: 3.6L(0.95Gal)

Porduct size: 6x6.2x7.2inch.

Display size: 6x3.9x6inch.

Sump size: 2.3x3.9x6inch.

LED light: DC 5V, 4W.

*White light for plant version

*blue light for reef version

DC Pump: DC5V, 0.3W.

Package Include

  • Plastic Sump x1
  • Acrylic tank x1
  • LED light x1
  • DC pump x1
  • Filter media x1 set
  • Reef salt x1(Reef Version)

Predouct Details


High quality Acirly Display


Effective Sump Design

The sump is constructed from white plastic and features an observation window that allows users to monitor water levels. The filter chamber is designed with a baffle structure to ensure a well-organized layout, promoting efficient water flow and filtration.

High-Transparency Acrylic Display

The display section of the aquarium is constructed using high-transparency acrylic, molded as a single piece through injection molding, with no adhesive bonding. It boasts exceptional light transmission properties.

Artistic LED Light

Taking inspiration from the design of ADA's Aquasky, the features acrylic arm and a silver-toned light body. Not only does it provide illumination for the aquarium, but it also doubles as a captivating desktop work of art.

Complete Filtration System

The Filtration System includes


  • Floss & bio sponge filter Media
  • Filter media bag
  • Biologiacal ceramic media
  • DC return pump(5V, 0.3W, 80LPH)


The water flows into the sump through an overflow grid and passes through filter cotton and a biological ring for further filtration. Finally, the DC pump returns the clear water to the display.


  • The filter cotton effectively removes impurities, ensuring crystal-clear water quality.
  • The biological cotton and biological ring within the filtration system play a crucial role in cultivating nitrifying bacteria. These beneficial microorganisms are essential for breaking down harmful compounds and byproducts, ultimately ensuring the overall health and well-being of your fish.


Light System

Lighting System(LED: DC 5V, 4W)

In an ecosystem tank, lighting is essential for photosynthesis in plants and corals, as well as showcasing the vibrant colors of fish and corals. The MagTool desktop aquarium features a full LED lighting system. 

For marine enthusiasts, we offer the Marine Edition with blue LED lights, ideal for coral growth and enhancing the visual appeal of your aquarium. Whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater setups, our LED lighting ensures a thriving and visually captivating aquatic environment.

1 d b c
Bottom Filter, Reef Back Filter, Plant Bottom Filter, Plant Back Filter, Plant
Light Color Blue Blue White White
Sump Bottom Back Bottom Back
DC Pump 5V, 0.3W 5V, 0.3W 5V, 0.3W 5V, 0.3W
Volume 2.7L(0.7Gal) 3.6L(0.95Gal) 2.7L(0.7Gal) 3.6L(0.95Gal)