Coral Tubing Feeder

$19.90 USD $25.00
By MagTool

Feed your coral safely-MagTool Coral tuber feeder

MagTool Coral Tube Feeder is the perfect tool for feeding your coral safely, precisely, and easily. Our feeder is designed to provide a gentle feeding experience for your aquatic coral, ensuring their safety and well-being. Our product also comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable length to meet all kinds of tank sizes.
  • Made of high transparency acrylic.
  • Soft silicone head that is safe for your corals.
  • Comes with a feed rack for easy placement.

Adjustable length to fit all tank sizes.

  • The product comes with 2 high transparency tubes that can be combined or used separately to fit both small and big-sized tanks. The length can be adjusted to10inch, 14inch, or 24inch, making it highly versatile.
  • The high transparency of the tubes also allows the user to easily monitor the feeding process and ensure that the food is reaching the coral as intended.

Rotatable Body for Water Level Adjustment

Besides the minimal footprint and the powerful DC needle-wheel pump, the DC-SQ series features a rotatable skimmer body that makes water level adjustment easy. It allows you to adjust it to the desired water level.

Removable collection cup

A removable collection cup makes cleaning easy. Just remove the plug and connect the drain tubing.

Filter sponge

The filter sponge slows the water flow from the skimmer body and prevents microbubbles from getting into the aquarium.

Adjustable bracket

Adjustable mounting bracket make for simple installation and adjustment.