MagTool MT-Duetto2 ATO - Advanced Auto Top Off System For Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

$69.99 USD
By MagTool


Step into the future of aquarium care with the MagTool Aquatics MT-Duetto2 Auto Top Off System - the ultimate solution for fresh & saltwater aquariums. As your aquarium evaporates water, essential minerals are left behind, potentially increasing salinity and total dissolved solids (TDS). By maintaining a precise water level with the MT-Duetto2, you can create a stable environment that fosters healthier livestock, thriving coral, lush plants, and even enhance the efficiency of your protein skimmers & other equipment. With upgraded independent control and sensor modules, physical buttons, an external LED indicator, & a built-in sounds for alerts, the MT-Duetto2 takes aquarium maintenance to a new level. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies like QST for real-time protection, AFT to mitigate water level fluctuations, and SFT for precise water level maintenance. What are you waiting for? Revolutionize your aquarium care with the MagTool ATO System! 



QST (Quick Security Technology)

The MT-Duetto2 uses QST for real-time protection against overfilling & flooding. The controller will give a visual alert and stop the pump immediately when it senses a refilling time takes more than 6x longer than the normal time. QST can detect sensor malfunction or an empty ATO reservoir.


AFT (Anti-Fluctuation Technology)

Common ATOs suffer from rapid pump on/off cycles due to water level fluctuations, impacting pump longevity and efficiency. Our smart ATO relies on AFT to skillfully identify abnormal water fluctuations, ensuring the pump activates only when needed below the "LOW" position.



SFT(Smart Fill Technology)

The MagTool ATO calculates the aquariums size by timing how long it takes to fill the water line between the 'LOW' to 'HIGH' position. In normal working condition the device fills to the 'LOW' position and will continue pumping for one SFT cycle until the water level reaches between the 'LOW' & 'HIGH' position. The Smart Fill Technology extends intervals between refills, maximizing the pumps longevity & performance.



LED Indicator:

  • Alternating RED & BLUE: Device booting up/initializing
  • Solid BLUE LED: Standby mode
  • Slow Flashing BLUE LED: Pump refilling water
  • Fast Flashing BLUE LED: Water level reached HIGH sensor, anti-overfilling active. (After 10 seconds quick flash, LED becomes solid.)
  • Flashing RED LED: QST 2.0 alarm. (Alerts for a refilling time six times longer than SFT during initialization.)



What's Included In The Box?

  • 1x MT-Duetto2 Sensor
  • 1x DC Refilling Pump
  • 1x Mounting Bracket For Tubing
  • 1x Water Check Valve
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x PU Tubing(6.5ft)
  • 1x User Manual