In-Sump Protein Skimmer N100

$159.00 USD $180.00
By MagTool


MagTool protein skimmer utilizes the latest design technology to ensure efficiency while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Whether its hidden in your equipment room or proudly displayed in your sump, MagTool products will serve to compliment your aquarium. From the needle wheel Pumps, to the high quality acrylic, MagTool products use high-quality parts and are built to last.

  • Sine wave DC needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming.
  • Cone body extends through the collection cup to easy bubble transition and maximize skimmer efficiency
  • Efficient, durable and reliable and Simple to set up and operate
  • Exclusive cell-cast diffuser are designed to efficiently mix air and water
  • Rubber feet isolate noise and reduce vibration.
  • New bottom-open outlet design and internal pump design minimizes footprint, reduces skimmer height and allows for fine-tuning
  • Removalable collection cup design allows you to easy maintain for cleaning


All MagTool N series Protein Skimmers come with a ultra-quiet high performance adjustable DC water pump pre-installed. A thick insulated ABS shell ensures there is nearly-zero vibration, while also providing a corrision resistant finish. The 6-pole DC motor's inner cores are made from high-quality copper windings & will provide uninterrupted operation. The needle wheel impeller will also create micro bubbles, help ensure a silent function, & vigorously remove proteins from the water.

The pump controller prevents potential overflowing, which traditional adjustments to outlet size or installation height may not effectively address. For example, during the break-in period, excessive protein in the water may cause overflowing despite these adjustments. In such cases, the pump controller allows you to regulate the pump's power more effectively and prevent overflowing.


Flow Plate (Exclusive design):The bubble plate in conjunction with the cell-cast diffuser are designed toefficiently mix air and water. Therandom twirling & turbulent flowareeliminated& a stable laminar flow is created inside the skimmers reaction chamber. Further maximize the performance of the protein skimmer by using the micro-adjustable valve & set the desired level for moist or dry foam protein production based on your tanks needs.


Protein Skimmers work by injecting small bubbles into the water column. These micro bubbles aid in capturing the proteins; Micro-adjustable valve provides precise control to concentrates the organic rich foam, and allows cleaned water to exit the skimmer chamber at its base where it is less bubble.

Meanwhile, micro-adjustable valve design also minimizes footprintreduces skimmer height and allows for fine-tuning

Removable collection cup

Separate design allows you to easy hold and transport the collection cup for cleaning.

Cone body

The hybrid-cone design maximizes the size of the reaction chamber and to allow the skimmate to smoothly rise into the collection cup.


A built-in air intake silencer reduces noise for near-silent operation.