MagTool Aquarium Heater w/ Digital Controller & Dual-Sensor Advanced Protection Technology | Made For Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums

$28.99 USD


MagTool Aquarium Heater

Magtool Aquarium Heater is equipped with the most stable nickel-chromium heating wire to ensure swift and consistent heat transfer, providing rapid and enduring water heating. Beyond its cutting-edge heating element, the Magtool Aquarium Heater boasts the following key features:


  • Adjustable Temperature Control( 59°F to 93°F)
  • External Controller with Power Failure Memory
  • Water-off Power Cut-off
  • Real-time Temperature Detection and LED Display
  • Versatile for Both Freshwater and Saltwater



Magtool Aquarium Heater Controller Operation Guide



  • Flashing Flame Icon: Heater is actively heating to reach the set temperature. Static Flame Icon: Temperature has reached the set level, and the heater is not heating.




  • " +/- "Press once to increase/reduce the temperature by 1 °F / °C
  • Hold "+" and "-" at the same time,for 5 seconds changes temperature display unit,mutual transformation °C and °F.


Power Failure Memory

The Magtool Aquarium Heater remembers your last temperature setting, ensuring it resumes to the preferred setting after a power outage without manual readjustment.

Celsius and Fahrenheit Display

Magtool Aquarium Heater offers the convenience of dual temperature display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Easily switch between the two units based on your preference and monitoring convenience.


Built-in temperature and water level sensor


  • Temperature Protection: High-precision sensors automatically cut power when the set temperature is reached, preventing overheating disasters.
  • Water-off Protection: An internal water level sensor cuts power when the heater is out of water, preventing equipment damage.


Product Details

ABS plastic Cover

ABS High-Temperature Resistant Casing

Crafted with a robust high-temperature-resistant ABS plastic exterior. This feature not only shields the heating element but also extends the heater's lifespan.


Suction Cup

Rubber Suction Cups for Secure Placement

Enhance user convenience with the Magtool Aquarium Heater's rubber suction cups, providing an easy and secure way to affix the heating rod to glass surfaces.



Hanging Hook for Easy Controller Placement

The Magtool Aquarium Heater comes equipped with a hanging hook, offering user-friendly controller placement and easy fixation.